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15kV Prefabricated Cable Termination

15kV Prefabricated Cable Termination

15kV prefabricated cold-shrinkage terminations are suitable for the connection of 3. 6/6kV, 6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8. 7/15kV single/three core XLPE power cable.
15kV Prefabricated Cable Termination

Product Description

1.15kV pre-molded cable termination product introduction 

Pre-molded cold shrink cable accessories are inlaid with stress control parts in the insulation body in advance in the factory production, no interface exists, through the stress control parts to effectively solve the problem of stress concentration at the cable shield cut. Using silicon rubber high resilience, high temperature resistance and strong aging resistance, and cable insulation to adopt interference combined design. This ensures that the interface between cable insulation and accessories is closely combined without internal creepage. In order to meet the four types of pollution environment, and design the external insulation of the accessories. 15kV prefabricated cold shrinkage power cable accessories are suitable for the connection of 3. 6/6kV, 6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8. 7/15kV single/three core XLPE power cable.

 2.Electrical performance parameters of 15kV pre-molded termination

 3.15kV cold shrinkable pre-molded terminations product characteristics 

1) widely used in high voltage cable indoor (outdoor) terminal processing;

2) maintain a constant packing force, breathe with the cable, good sealing.

3) advanced production process, high pressure injection platinum sulfide molding, perfect product structure, no defects.

4) no need to rely on its own elastic retraction, so as to be close to the cable, each specification can be used for a variety of cable diameter, strong compatibility of cable diameter.

5)  the use of high-performance liquid silicone rubber, to ensure excellent insulation and high elasticity, always maintain a constant radial pressure on the cable body after installation, small partial discharge, with the cable body "breathing".

6) cold shrink terminal body with cold shrink branch finger sleeve, cold shrink insulation pipe and cold shrink sealing pipe; The middle joint adopts three layers of protection, waterproof sealing process, to ensure the excellent sealing and moisture-proof performance of accessories.

7)  easy to install, operation technology and site impact is small, the grounding method using constant force spring fixed ground wire, without welding or copper binding, more fast, safe and reliable.

8)  anti-pollution, aging resistance, good hydrophobicity, with excellent corrosion resistance, cold resistance and anti-uv linear, to ensure the long-term use of stable performance. Suitable for high altitude areas, cold areas, wet areas, salt spray areas and heavily polluted areas. 

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