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1kV Cold Shrink Cable Joints

1kV Cold Shrink Cable Joints

1kV Cold Shrinkable Cable Joint Kits are suitable for 0.6/1kV PVC, XLPE, rubber-plastic insulated single-core, 2-core, 3-core, 4-core, 5-core and 6-core low-voltage power cable splicing.
1kV Cold Shrink Cable Joints

Product Description

1.Product introduction of 1kV Cold Shrink Joint 

1kV cold shrinkable cable accessories are made of high-performance liquid silicone rubber elastic material in the factory injection vulcanizing molding, and then expanded, lined with plastic spiral support, suitable for 0.6/lkV PVC, XLPE, rubber and plastic cable insulation, divided into single core, two core, three core, four core, five core, six core low voltage power cable.

2.Electrical performance parameters of 1kV Cold Shrinkable Joint

Performance parameters of 0.6/1kV cold shrinkable cable accessories

The test items

Standard requirement

Test results

Power frequency voltage test


No flashover, no breakdown 

Impulse voltage test

8kV, positive and negative 10 times

No flashover, no breakdown 

Load cycle test (in air)

The conductor is heated to (95-100)℃, each cycle is 8h, including heating 5h, cooling 3h, a total of 30 load cycle tests

No flashover, no breakdown 

Thermal stability test

10kA, 1s twice, all parts are not deformed or damaged

No visible damage

Load cycle test (in water)

The conductor is heated to (95-100)℃, each cycle is 8h, its medium heating 5h, cooling 3h, a total of 30 load cycle tests

No flashover, no breakdown

Insulation resistance

More than 105 milliohm


Dc voltage test


No flashover, no breakdown

3.1kV cold shrink cable accessories product characteristics

Pre-expansion, easy installation, no need for fire, less affected by operation technology and site.

High quality raw materials, insulation pipe, three finger sleeve selection of high quality liquid silicone rubber, using platinum vulcanization process.

Superior performance: with excellent insulation, high resilience and anti-leakage trace, can be the same as the cable body "breathing" good sealing.

4.1kV cold shrink cable accessories product details

1.cold shrink tube, three finger sleeve: made of high quality and high performance elastic liquid silica gel, integrated molding.

2.Support tube: PE plastic screw support.

 5. Product qualification of cold shrinkable intermediate joint 


 6.Distribution, transportation and service 

We have a large stock. If the quantity is not large, we will deliver the goods as soon as possible after receiving the payment. If the quantity is large, the delivery time will be determined according to the quantity. The order quantity is small, usually using express (DHL,FEDEX,TNT, etc.). For large orders, we recommend air or sea freight. This will take longer, but at a cheaper cost. We are near the port of Shenzhen.



 7.Question and answer 

Q: Are you a factory or a trading company

A: We are factories and we can guarantee that our prices are first-hand, very cheap and competitive.

Q: How do you do quality control in your factory?

A: All products will be 100% electrical performance tested before shipment.

Q: When can I get the price?

A: As A rule, we quote within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry

Q: How can I get a sample?

A: We can send you samples free of charge. You will be charged for shipping and Courier fees depending on the number of samples.

Q: What about the terms of payment?

A: Let's use T/T or L/C.

Q: How much is the freight?

A: The prices vary according to the port of delivery.

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